Nice to meet you!

Sunny, passionate, and a lover of words. Organized, focused, and adept at pivoting quickly, I’ve spent the majority of my career working in content creation, copywriting/editing, SEO, and social media strategy within the start-up world. I’m a wearer of many hats and feel most excited when cracking my knuckles over a keyboard and helping a brand tell its story with my exuberant written voice.

Hi! My name’s Liz. If you’re looking for the right language to convey a certain idea, I’ve got you covered. I’m a Boston-native who now calls San Francisco home and when I’m not writing, I’m likely running, hanging on the beach with my dog, or planning my next camping trip.

Want to work together? (I’m also available to chat about dogs, “The Bachelor,” french fries, and/or the best non-fiction you’ve read recently.)

Contact me at or (774)-217-1814.

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